About Printcisely™

Printcisely was launched in September 2016 by Mark Hudson of Rochester New York, out of his frustration with the process of building his first 3D printer. While the process of design, fabrication, and building was rewarding in itself. Mark found that gathering ideas, information, and of course the printer components to be a less than rewarding. He set out to make the path to 3D printing easier for others and that inspiration has resulted in Printcisely.

Mark wanted a place where newcomers and pros alike could benefit from shared knowledge, experience, and access to resources. Printcisely is one stop shopping for rapid prototyping discussion, blogging, 3D models, 3D printers, parts & accessories, and most importantly fun.

Whether you're a tinkerer that prefers to roll up your sleeves with a custom printer build or someone that prefers to purchase a professionally assembled unit, you'll find information on Printcisely that will guide you on your journey.

The name Printcisely is the legal trademark of Printcisely.com.

Printcisely.com is owned by Hudson 360 LLC.