Mankati Fullscale XT Plus

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Fused Filament FabricationPrinting Process
X:260mm, Y:260mm, Z:300mmAxis Length
2Print Colors/Extruders
N/APrint Resolution
30mm/s - ???mm/sPrint Speed
300° CExtruder Temp
110° CPrint Bed Temp
24VOperating Voltage
3.00mmFilament Size

PLA ABS Flex Nylon Pet Wood Metal
Print Materials

Proprietary Filament
Auto Leveling
LCD Display
Standalone Printing
Print via WiFi
Open Source
RepRap Variant
46kgMachine Weight

About Mankati Fullscale XT Plus

From Mankati:
Fullscale XT Plus is an amazing tool for designers, engineers and makers. With high resolution and user friendly functions, it is the right choice for you.

Accurate & Stable
Fullscale XT Plus produce high dimension accuracy objects, it is important for parts assembling. And you can leave it for over 50 hours printing job.

260 × 260 × 300 mm Build Volume
High build volume brings broader applications and more opportunities, large objects can be directly printed without partition.

110 ℃ Heated Build Platform
The build platform heats fast and the temperature performance is very stable.
It does not just heat the build platform, after installing the three baffles around the printer, it also heats the printing space, this is a great profit for ABS, PC printing.
Dual Extruders at 300 ℃
With dual extruders, you can print with support materials for complex models. Or when one of the extruders is down, you can still print with another. It highly increases the application flexibility.

The 300 ℃ feature brings the broadest material capability, such as PLA, ABS, Wood, NinjaFlex, PC, etc.
In the mean time, the extruder have a great bridging performance due to the high efficiency cooling system.

Maintainability and Universality
The extruders have a universal interface, and it is easy to be disassembled for maintenance.
To achieve a good maintainability, we optimized many details and added great features in it, such as add a hexagonal structure for easier dissassemble, optimize the hot end with a corner cut structure to avoid leaking, optimized the hot end polishing craft and cooling strategy for a clog-free performance, etc.

Full-steel Unibody Chassis
A firm chassis is a guarantee of reliability and precision for long term 3D printing. The printer body is made of 2 mm thickness stell and is perfectly welded, it is solid and brings a low-noise performance.
Enclosed Build Space
We equip three baffles with Fullscale XT Plus, it substantially enhance printing performance when work with ABS, PC, Nylon, etc.

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